Saturday, January 19, 2013

December Daily 2012: the inside story!

I'm so happy to have completed this project, and glad to have cut myself some slack with its execution along the way. We spent half of December in Europe which meant a little bit of creativity with how I put this together. I even took a mini scrapbooking kit with me, although due to printing problems I didn't do much while we were there.

In the end I decided to dispense with numbering the days, or even the idea of this being daily, altogether. I just wanted to have some pretty pictures of things I saw, or things we did, during December, and to have this as more of an embellished photo book than a scrapbook with a ton of journaling. At the back I'm including more notes for myself, similar to the labels I've given here with the photos.

Another way I made it easy was just to use letter stickers for the titles, and I tried to keep them short and punchy. With few exceptions, I restricted myself to the "kit" I created for myself at the outset, and that definitely reduced the time it took me to decide what to put on the page.

I really enjoyed putting this together, and tried to just "go with it" which is quite unusual for me. But I got in the zone and I feel like it came together very well.

Click here to see my earlier post about preparing my pages for this album.

Our Christmas cards - just a few handmade ones this year and the rest were printed.

Going to a concert with a friend

One of many choir rehearsals

Fun little chocolate Advent calendar

This local in-store Santa did not have our names on his list!

The wreath I made for our front door

A fun evening in downtown Houston

Listening to the Nine Lessons & Carols service from King's College, Cambridge with Dad was a December highlight!

I love putting up all the Christmas cards we receive!

I love these lights we saw in London.

We had fun drawing on the paper tablecloths whilst waiting for our food.

These socks are continuing to keep my toes warm. :)

I left these sugared almonds on the kitchen island and they were great to snack on... until I dropped the tin and the almonds went flying rather spectacularly across the floor...

An overhead view of London shoppers

I was dwarfed by the enormous tree at Covent Garden

I realise I never shared what I'd done to the cover, so here it is:

Here is the spine:

The finished album!

~ Caroline ~

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  1. Great job on finishing the project! I love the idea of the short titles and using all letter stickers throughout the book, it ties it all together.