Friday, June 15, 2012

Craft room wall of pretties

In our new house I am delighted to have a craft room which combines with our home office! It's wonderful to have desk space for projects that are in progress, and not to have to put everything away each time I want to scrap. This fits much better with my working full time, as I can walk by and pick just a small thing to do, and "drip feed" scrap which is sometimes all I have time for.

I was initially thinking of painting this wall, but then I had this quicker, easier idea which I can change if I want. This is my solution for using pretty papers (an absolute weakness of mine) which I might not want to cut up, but which nonetheless I want to have on display! Like the wall art in my last post, I can change the papers to something else whenever I want. I used mini wooden pegs to clip them to the baker's twine which I hung up there. I might also use this to display projects, although I'm making less 12x12 layouts these days, except for Project Life, and preferring smaller projects and mini books. Plenty of options for my wall of pretties. :)

~ Caroline ~


  1. Did you just hang the papers, or are the papers mounted on cardboard or something? I know they are hanging from clips, but was just wondering if the papers are 'backed' with anything?

  2. Leslie, so far I've just hung them from the pegs, but I think they may need some backing. Most of the sheets are ok but a couple are beginning to curl as they're not sturdy enough. One of the reasons I hadn't wanted to "back" them or anything like that is because I'm notorious for not wanting to do something to patterned paper that I "might" use later, hehe! However, if I'm to preserve this craft hanging wall I'll probably try and stabilize at least some of the sheets - even just some cardstock would help I think.