Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Using repetition with the Slice to make art

I've had this framed corkboard for a while but haven't ever put it to good use. My husband recently hung it on the wall of the kitchen in our new house, and I was inspired to make the most of its new location. The shaped pins came with the corkboard.

I cut 11 jugs from the Faith design card at 2.5" using a variety of patterned papers. It was a lot of fun meandering through my stash and finding papers that worked together! Then I hung the handle of each one on a small pin, with the larger pins mixed in with them. It'll be easy to change out the design when I want something different up there - I'm planning on changing this with the seasons, using it for birthdays etc.

~ Caroline ~


  1. I've actually seen this in a magazine article a few years back, using dragonflies, but had forgotten...thanks for the reminder! Love your corkboard!

  2. What a cute idea - and great job actually doing something with it, I'm dreadful at that!