Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Project Life and Faith: beginnings

I've been wanting to share a few different ways that I incorporate my faith into my Project Life. I am adopting a largely monthly approach, and while I won't be sharing all my layouts (I prefer to keep them private), I do want to share some aspects, tips and tricks that I'm picking up along the way. The idea of PL+Faith has been going round my head for a while now. With other life stuff going on, my blog constantly seems to be neglected, but I'm at least going to give this a shot! :-)

For January's spread, I included a small insert between two regular Becky Higgins "design A" page protectors. These are inserts I made myself by taking apart a 4x6 brag book that I picked up very cheaply. I hid the part that I cut with some washi tape. Sometimes I just need a small pocket to add a little something, and this seemed like a good way to do it. The subject matter for this is a piece of music I learned in choir about the New Year, with the lyrics on one side and my thoughts on the other. I made the front part digitally in PSE, and hand-wrote the journaling on a piece of patterned paper from My Mind's Eye.

For February's spread I took a screenshot of the badge I earned from the YouVersion Bible reading app, then journaled about why I love the app so much.

I look forward to sharing more ideas in the coming months!

~ Caroline ~


  1. Fantastic way to include it into your pages

  2. I love that app too!!!! I think it's a beautiful way to include your faith into your other passion. I bet Jesus is smiling at you.