Monday, January 2, 2012

December Daily - second half

Here are the remaining posts for my DD album. For the first half, click here. I'm still feeling vindicated at getting this album finished! :)

~ Caroline ~


  1. Hi Caroline
    I don't know if it's okay to revisit this topic under this new post. I visited you and left you a comment back in August, and it was in reference to the embossing feature of the Slice machine. Your response was very useful back then and hubby, bough me the embossing Kit..the tips with the mat Therefore, a new question has arise...the kit came with three tips. One very fine, one a bit more thicker and a another one even more thicker. However, I tried the three to see the difference and besides the fine compare with the other two I don't see any difference. In fact I tried the fine one on vellum and it ripped the paper. Can you give me some light on this issues? Thanks

  2. By the way...forgot to tell you that this DD is cute. A recollection of the season. So awesome !! It is a journal?

  3. Yiyi, I'm glad you like my DD! I just picked one thing I did each day in the December Days leading up to Christmas, usually taking a picture, and writing something about it. So I guess it is a mini journal! :)

    About the embossing tips: they are different sizes just so you can make different thicknesses when you emboss. You'll need to make sure that you set your Slice to embossing/drawing mode and the speed to slow (read more about that here: I also cannot recommend highly enough the magnetic hands free mat - on one side it's for cutting and the other side for embossing (both sides are magnetic). It makes a HUGE difference when embossing, in particular - it made it so much easier for me! If you've tried all that, you might need to play around with the embossing tip itself - try backing it out with the adjustment wrench and seeing if that helps.

  4. This definitively helps...thanks. About the hands's on my to buy list. When?.....we'll see. ;-) these are hard times. But yes..will do that. I did put it in embossing/drawing mode and set the speed to low. I will read more and play with it to see what happens. Thanks Caroline!!