Monday, January 2, 2012

December Daily - first half

Well, it's taken me until the New Year to get this posted, but I did actually complete my DD in 2011 - yay! I'm going to post pictures of most days so you can see what I did. I'm keeping some of the pictures/journaling private which is why there are a few gaps. I'll put half in this post and half in another one, to follow shortly after this.

I'd been trying not to stress out about "getting behind" etc. and just enjoying the process as and when I can, fitting it in to the rest of my schedule. I was pretty good at taking photos each day, or having an idea of the topic for the day (if I didn't have a specific photo in mind), but actually putting the pages together has taken more time. However, I really enjoyed what I've done, and I'm pretty proud of myself for not only finishing, but also doing so within a reasonable timeframe. Woo hoo! :)

Sorry about some of the weird colours in the pictures... my camera is acting up (must be tired after my DD, hehe).

~ Caroline ~

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