Thursday, August 18, 2011

Remember This journal

Today I'm showing you some of the lovely shapes on the Remember This Slice design card. I decided to do something a little different with this project, and I made a small creative journal that I haven't yet written in. I just wanted to have it ready for when I do write, and it's just going to be a place where I can jot down a few thoughts and ideas. Plus, because it's ring bound, I can always add more pages if I want to, so it's flexible if I decide I want more space.

All the Slice shapes that I cut out come from the Remember This design card, and for the paper and embellishments I used the Making Memories Paper Reverie (Brun Antique) collection. The 12x12 papers are double-sided so this was a great way to use both sides at the same time. Sometimes it's so hard to choose!

I layered the ribbons to create a border with some texture at the bottom, then I layered the butterflies to add dimension. I cut the title with my Slice. I covered the rings with ribbon then adhered the ends with glue runner - I wanted a bit of sparkle in the project...:) The ribbon doesn't go all the way around the rings; I left some space so the pages would still open ok.

Here are some pictures of the inside and some of the techniques I used:

Most of the pages are 4"x6" (in case I want to add some regular photos that would be "full page" size) but I also incorporated pages from one of the Paper Reverie journaling books.

I used one of the Paper Reverie ephemera stickers for "discover" then cut out the border from the Remember This design card to frame it. I adhered it with pop dots also.

I cut out the speech bubble then inked it before adhering it with pop dots. This makes the edges much more defined so it doesn't get lost on the page.

I picked a journaling page with the same paper pattern as the top page, to bring the design of both pages together.

Repeating a shape can be good way to reinforce a theme. The multiple speech bubbles look like a conversation, and I know I want to make use of that when I write on this page.

Sometimes just a single word can be useful as a prompt when journaling. "Moments."

I used several of the Paper Reverie ephemera stickers on this page, for the journaling tag and the tabs in each corner.

The shadow feature on the MS+ design cards is a great way to add emphasis and weight to a shape.

May your creative wings take flight this week!

~ Caroline ~


  1. Oooooooh! This is so pretty! I just got this design card so am now hyped to use it! :-)