Thursday, August 25, 2011

Adjusting settings to emboss

Just a quick and handy tip for you today. The embossing tips for the Slice give you yet another way to make the most of the shapes on your design cards. The tips work with any of the cards, and the kit comes with three different-sized tips so you can choose how thin/thick you'd like the embossing lines to be.

If you have the hands-free kit then you already have an embossing mat - the back of the cutting mat! I highly recommend the hands-free kit (as I have done on numerous other occasions) and for the embossing it's every bit as useful as for the cutting.

Removing the blade so you can insert one of the embossing tips is easy with the adjustment wrench.

Once you've picked which design card you want to use, make sure you adjust the setting on your Slice machine so it's in embossing mode:

Click on Settings:

Instead of homing the blade on the next screen, click the right double-headed arrow:

Make sure your speed is set to low (use the regular arrow key to toggle the speed):

Click on the double-headed arrow again and adjust the cutting mode to embossing/drawing:

Now you're all set - press Menu and start embossing!

Your Slice will remember which cutting mode you are in as long as the machine is left switched on. If you change to a different design card without turning off your Slice, you will still be in embossing/drawing mode, so make sure you follow the steps above to switch it back to cutting mode if you want to start cutting again. If you turn your Slice off and then want to do more embossing, you'll need to follow the steps to set it back to embossing mode as the machine defaults to cutting in that setting.

Have fun with your Slice this week!

~ Caroline ~


  1. Do I need a new Slice for this...or a design card that allows this feature?

  2. Yiyi: no you don't need a new Slice - just the embossing tips which you can buy anywhere that Slice products are sold. You take out the blade and use an embossing tip instead. And it works with all the design cards so you can use all the ones you have already! Let me know if you have more questions :)

  3. I AM HAVING A HARD TIME IT WON;T EMBOSS AND i followed all the steps please help

  4. Anonymous, are you using the hands free kit? It really does help, because the mat is magnetic and it holds the machine in place at just the right amount of pressure. Also make sure the embossing tip is screwed in tightly enough. You can also try watching what the Slice does when it's NOT on the mat - start embossing but lift the machine up and watch the mechanism underneath to see if it's functioning properly. Hope this helps!

  5. Caroline, thank you sooooo much for this detailed tut!! Love it! I'm now one of your newest followers. Looking forward to checking out what else you've been up to! :-)

  6. Love all this info -- Thank you...Now I can visit anytime I want:) thanx, sue:)

  7. perfect instruction i follow the steps and it work wonderfully, for sure the hand free mat is the best friend to our slice machine.

  8. I've a new slice and tried the embossing following the instructions but it's still trying yo cut. Not sure what, if anything, I'm doing wrong