Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Life of the Blade

If you've been using your Slice for a while, you have probably needed to change the blade at some point. (I wrote about how to do that on this post.) How long a blade lasts will ultimately depend on what you're cutting. Here are a few tips to make your blades last as long as possible!
  • The Slice Elite has been designed to cut even more deeply and precisely than its predecessor. I've experimented with a variety of different materials including vellum, fabric and glitter cardstock. But you do need to have a sharp blade. You'll find that if you're cutting a lot of thicker, denser materials then the blade will need to be replaced more quickly than if you're just cutting regular paper. But it's very fun to experiment. :)
  • For thicker materials, or if you find your Slice isn't cutting quite so well, you might want to try adjusting the blade pressure. This video will show you how. This is less necessary with the Slice Elite but you might find it useful sometimes.
  • Make sure your paper etc. is well-adhered to the cutting mat (check out the Making Memories Brayer for the Slice to help you with this!) You want to ensure that the paper doesn't move or bunch up while you're cutting, which could make extra work for the blade and the Slice machine itself.
  • If you do need to change your blade then check out this video for how to do it - it's easy!
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Happy cutting, Slicers!

~ Caroline ~

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