Wednesday, January 1, 2014

December (not) Daily 2013 completed

I was actually able to complete this much-easier, low-stress version of December Daily in December, but didn't get photos taken until today. I really enjoyed the process of journalling in these specific areas, and including photos that I took during the month without feeling any particular pressure to match them exactly to the words.

I think the end result is a project where I really enjoyed the process, and it gives a pretty good overview of the feel of our December and what the Christmas season was like for us in 2013. I would definitely consider a similar approach again.

For the back page, which was previously blank, I cut up part of a beautiful gift bag I was given. It had additional pieces adhered with glue dots which I added to the outside of the page protector. I don't typically do that, but it was too pretty to pass up, and I like the added texture. Hopefully not too much of the glitter will disperse itself through the rest of my Project Life album where these pages now reside! :)

(Click on each picture to see a larger version)

I still have some Project Life layouts to complete for 2013, but not too many. I'm hoping to have that done in the first half of January.

Happy New Year 2014!


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