Thursday, October 25, 2012

Smash-style book for newlyweds

Some friends of ours got married last weekend. Yay! I made a Smash-style book (see here for the uninitiated) as a gift for them, either looking back at what brought them together, or now as they start their married life.

First step: pick out pretty papers that will work together. I used two or three different paper pads/collections and mixed them together. I wanted to stay away from overtly girlie patterns and colours, and tried to stick with more geometric or neutral designs. Here are some of the papers I chose:

These were all 12x12" papers, which I cut into 6x6". Then I laid them all out and matched up the ones I thought worked well together. I put them into some sort of order (I didn't want a pattern repeated on a following page) then glued them together back to back. If you used double-sided papers then this wouldn't be necessary. :)

For the cover, I added an extra layer of cardstock between the two pieces of paper, to give it more stability.

Then I used my Bind-It-All to punch holes in each of the papers, and some white O-wire to bind it. I didn't want the binding to go all the way down, so I just did one central punch for each sheet.

I put my friends' names on the front, the date of their wedding, and decorated it simply with a line of adhesive pearls. I wanted it to be nice and simple. I used white Thickers-style letters for the names and the date.

On the inside, I added some letter stickers saying "A book about us", and on the facing page, I added a small sheet which I also punched with my Bind-It-All, cutting between the holes so they could remove the sheet. It was a small personal note with some ideas on what to put in the book - notes about each other, Instagram photos, that type of thing.

It was great fun putting this together; I think I'll be making some more books like this and may even do a December Daily along these lines, also!

~ Caroline ~

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