Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tip for Spraying Adhesive on Slice Mat

I absolutely love my Slice hands-free kit. It really does make Slicing that much more enjoyable and with a better end result! When spraying the mat with the repositionable spray adhesive, I’ve found the following tip can help, so I wanted to share it with you today.

I love having a sticky Slice mat but I do not like sticky fingers! So I cover the edges of the mat with masking tape before I spray, and just about ¼ in all the way around on the mat itself (to the thick black line). I know I won’t be cutting right up to that edge, so I know that it’s not going to make a difference to the performance of my Slice. However, where it really saves time is when it comes to cleaning the mat – no sticky on the edges to remove!

This is what the mat looks like with the masking tape:

 It can also be helpful to run a fingernail gently in the groove between the edge of the mat and the glass board, just to make sure no spray gets in there.

Then spray your board!

(OK I’ll confess: the person who actually sprays my Slice mat is my husband, whose hands you see in these pictures… J )

Once it’s sprayed, you can remove the tape, then the edges will still be smooth and not sticky, and it means less cleaning next time you need to respray.

For handy tips on using your Slice hands-free cutting mat and how to clean it, check out this blog post from Laura Vegas.

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~ Caroline ~


  1. great tip caroline! i have to admit, the sticky stuff on the edges of the mat drive me crazy! and it's sooooooo hard to get off. i have taken lighter fluid to it, and still can't get it all off. i was thinking of cutting a piece of cardboard to fit over the mat, with just the inside showing. but i think your masking tape ideas is much simpler and doable. i'm totally doing this next time i spray my mat :)

  2. I hope you find it useful, Laura! For removing the unwanted sticky that's on the edges, you might want to try rubbing alcohol.

  3. What a needed blog. Just the other night my attempts at cutting produced a wrinkled mess. After respraying adhesive it still happened. Then the thought...maybe the blade? Since my Slice friend had taught me how to change it I tried that and was on to happy cutting. Thank you slice friend!

  4. A friend of mine tried goo-gone and didn't clean the goo-gone off very well and it left grease-like stains on the paper. So....any idea to not use chemicals is a good one!