Saturday, November 19, 2011

Christmas cards with the Mistletoe design card

I'm trying to be organized and get the bulk of my Christmas cards made by the end of the Thanksgiving weekend - we'll see how it goes! For those who know me personally, you might be getting one of these cards in the mail sometime in the next month. :) I've picked a simple, repeatable design so I can more easily make lots of cards on my "production line". I'm using a tag from the Mistletoe design card which is one of several Christmas-themed design cards for the Slice.

If I'm making cards in bulk, I find it easier to take it in stages. I cut out a lot of the tags from my Cloud 9 Design patterned paper, and printed the background onto my kraft cardstock which I then cut and folded:

Here's a picture of the finished card with the tag (attached with adhesive foam) and the red and white baker's twine which I love:

I've just about worked my way through this batch so I'll start the cycle again with more Slicing and printing. Then I have to write and send them! :)

~ Caroline ~

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