Thursday, August 11, 2011

Preparing to cut with the Slice

The Slice is an easy-to-use machine, but here are a few simple tips to make sure that you get the cuts you want!

Make sure your cutting mat is clean and sticky. Sounds confusing, right? :) This is what I mean. You need to have the right amount of repositionable adhesive on there to hold the paper in place. But you also need to make sure the mat is clean from any leftover pieces from previous cuts. I always remove those tiny pieces with my Slice spatula. I try not to get my fingers all over the mat because fingermarks can make it less sticky, and the spatula just makes the task a whole lot easier anyway.

Make sure the paper is properly adhered to the mat. Some papers and materials will need a bit more persuading to stick to the mat than others. The Slice brayer can really help make sure everything is smooth (and having a clean mat first also helps with this too).

I highly recommend the Slice hands-free kit. I did not know just how much I would love it until I tried it! It frees up your hands but it means your Slice cuts better too.

Make sure your Slice machine is charged... or that you have the power cable with you! Only on one frustrating occasion did I go to a crop with my Slice and forget the power cable. I still got a ton of Slicing done before the battery needed a recharge, but I wanted to do more! Take it from me: pack the cable when you pack your Slice. :)

Make sure your blade is sharp and/or that you have an extra blade handy. You don't want to be slowed down once you're into the swing of Slicing!

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~ Caroline ~


  1. Good tips- the Hands Free kit is fantastic! I thought I loved the Slice Elite until I got Hands Free kit-made it even better.

  2. Can anyone tell me what the radial and rotational settings on the Slice Elite should be set at?

    And can you give me some real suggestions on why my machine is not cutting. I did 1 full cut yesterday of a word and on the 2nd one it did partials and then it stopped slicing the paper altogether. Very frustrated and can't seem to find answers to anything! Thanks for your help

  3. Sorry to hear your Slice isn't working properly! :( I haven't needed to chang the radial and rotational settings from their defaults. Radial backlash compensation = 2, rotational backlash compensation = B, radial home offset = 0 and rotational home offset = 2. Unless your Slice is cutting wonky and needs recalibrating, I would not alter these settings.

    Have you tried all of the steps in the blog post above? Some other suggestions: have you also tried a different design card, to see if it will cut something else (or it is just that shape?) If you turn off your machine completely and leave it for a while then go back to it, does that help? Feel free to email me if you have more questions! You'll find my email on my profile page of this site. :)